Homecoming at Le Brewery

My mom sent me an email just after our arrival at Le Brewery. "Do you feel like you are at home?"

In many ways, yes!

Le Brewery is a small, artisanal farm brewery in Normandy, France, brewing fantastic English-style real ale. It is the creation of Steve and Jane Skews, and family. It is also the center of a lovely community we have come to know and love. 

We first came to Le Brewery in September 2012 to check out life on a farm brewery and get some experience in small production brewing. It seemed a sensible experience to have before diving into our own brewing enterprise.

After a month, we left wiser. Our time at Le Brewery was a serious reality check. And a serious inspiration.

We left with a better understanding of the enormous task ahead of us in building a brewery from scratch. We left knowing we had to come back. Steve is an amazing brewer and teacher. There was still much more to learn from him. So here we are, six months later, back at Le Brewery.

The first stop on our grande tour de brewing!