Reaching for the Sky

Hop shoots!

What do emerging hop shoots look like after a long cold winter? Well, it depends on the hop variety! In our early spring scouting we have been marveling at the purple/green/brown shoots appearing above ground and the fat root stock we've peeked at below ground. 

Soon all our plants will move out of our hop nursery and into our new 1/2 acre hop yard, where an 18-foot trellis system awaits them.  

Hard labor... and a cheese plate

In 1998, Saul brewed his first batch of home brew with these guys in Buffalo. Sixteen years later, their friendship and love of beer/brewing has endured! Last weekend, the trio tamped in 14 posts in our new hop yard, jump starting our spring effort! Thank you, Dylan and Guillaume.  

Dylan, Saul, Guillaume, brie, gruyere

Dylan, Saul, Guillaume, brie, gruyere