My Lucky Tummy

Last weekend, Griffin Hill took a field trip to My Lucky Tummy, a pop-up food court with chefs from the refugee and new American community in Syracuse. My Lucky Tummy is one of our favorite things going on in Syracuse. Last May, Saul and I attended the very first My Lucky Tummy event which happened to occur our very first week living in Syracuse. It made us feel really good about our decision to move here. Great food, great community. Delicious ideas being put into action.

My Lucky Tummy at the Alibrandi Center. "Beer embraces the flavors of the world like no other." 

Fast forward nine months, and we are collaborating with My Lucky Tummy on beer to complement the dishes being served. In the future, once we are licensed, we will brew all the beer for My Lucky Tummy. Until then, we will select regional beers that go well with the food. This time we picked Victory's Prima Pils, Ithaca's Flower Power, and Ommegang's Hennepin. All beers we adore. All beers that pair beautifully with the rich and spicy winter dishes at My Lucky Tummy.

In addition to selecting and slinging beer, we served tastes of two of our own beers, both brewed with 100% Griffin Hill hops. The first was a Chinook Ale, brimming with ruby red grapefruit aroma. The second was an Oatmeal Porter, a silky malty brew balanced by our Newport and Cascade hops. After putting so much time and energy into growing and brewing, it was really rewarding to complete the cycle and serve our beer to actual thirsty people. The fact that our beer and project were met with such enthusiasm was really exciting!  

The next My Lucky Tummy is in early May. We are already anticipating what new flavors will appear and what styles of beer will play nicely with them.