Our Beer

  Griffin Hill's line-up evolves with the seasons and our current inspirations. We always feature 100% Griffin Hill hops in our small-batch brews.  From our farm... hops, honey, maple sap and syrup. From our partner farms and malt houses... grains and malt.


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001 gold label.jpg

New York Gold Ale

Batch 004     ABV 4.9%      Bottled on 4/25/2017     Released 5/6/2017

Batch 003     ABV 4.9%      Bottled on 3/20/2017     Released 4/8/2017    SOLD OUT

Batch 002     ABV 4.9%      Bottled on 2/26/2017     Released 3/11/2017  SOLD OUT

Batch 001     ABV 4.9%      Bottled on 1/18/2017     Released 2/18/2017  SOLD OUT

A crisp, lively, easy drinking beer, this recipe is heavily influenced by our time brewing in England and France. We use pale malt, malted wheat, and malted oats from Pioneer Malting in Rochester, a hint of caramalt, and generous doses of our CENTENNIAL, CASCADE, COLUMBUS, and CHINOOK hops to brew this highly sessionable ale. Dry, aromatic and refreshing.

Drink now. 

001 Foregin Extra.jpg

Foreign Extra Stout

Batch 004    ABV 7.5%     Bottled on 3/28/2017     Released 4/29/2017 

Batch 002-- Wild Fermentation ABV 7.5%  Bottled on 3/2/2017 Released 3/11/2017  SOLD OUT

Batch 003     ABV 7.5%     Bottled on 3/1/2017      Released 3/11/2017  SOLD OUT

Batch 001     ABV 7.5%     Bottled on 1/20/2017      Released 2/11/2017  SOLD OUT

Inspired by our brewer's time as a young man living beside a famous stout brewery in Dublin, our foreign extra hearkens back to the strong stouts brewed to withstand the long sea voyages from Ireland to the far corners of the British Empire.  This black elixir features our FUGGLE and ULTRA hops, pale malt and malted wheat from Pioneer Maltings in Rochester, flaked barley, roasted barley, chocolate malt, and caramel malt.  Smooth and rich with a hint of dark chocolate and smoke.

Drink now or age. 

001 Farmhouse2.jpg

Farmhouse Ale with Wildflower Honey         

Batch 002      ABV 7.1%     Bottled on 2/28/2017       Released 3/11/2017 SOLD OUT

Batch 001      ABV 7.1%     Bottled on 1/13/2017       Released 2/11/2017 SOLD OUT

A farmhouse ale brewed with 100% New York State ingredients featuring our RAKAU, CASCADE and MAGNUM hops, raw wildflower honey from our farm, oats from the Gianforte Farm in Cazenovia, and pilsner malt from Pioneer Maltings in Rochester.  Fermented with our house Belgian yeast strain and bottle-conditioned with brettanomyces and more raw honey. Dry and aromatic with tropical hops, intensely floral honey, and a deep farmhouse funk. 

Drink now or age.